woensdag 30 juni 2010

De Fantasy Flower Bag!

Het gaat zo snel, het werken aan mijn Fantasy Flower bag waar ik voor jullie een patroon voor schrijf, dat ik hem graag met jullie wilde delen. Het is heel leuk werk, die bloemetjes maken. De foto's voor het patroon doe ik terwijl ik de andere kant haak. Dat geeft me nu wat ruimte om wat te experimenteren. 

Working on my Fantasy Flower bag is so much fun and so fast, fab! I could not help but share the progress with you all! Crocheting the flowers is a lovely thing to do! I'll make the pictures for this bag while working on the other side of the bag, that gives me some room to experiment with stitches now. 

De Fantasy Flower tas! Ongeveer 35% klaar.
The Fantasy Flower bag! About 35% finished.

Van dichtbij:
Zoomed in:

Ik heb gemerkt dat het maken van tassen me echt goed bevalt, het duurt niet te lang voor het klaar is. Het is overzichtelijk, echt iets voor mij. 

I noticed that making bags really suits me, it does not take to0 long. I love that! 

The Crafty Witch

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  1. Those are so bright and cheery! Very pretty!

  2. That is so pretty and colorful! I've been seeing that African flower design a lot lately and it looks well in a variety of different projects...very nice!

  3. Whow wat mooi gemaakt en wat een vrolijke kleurtjes. Ben benieuwd naar het patroon.

    Groetjes van Claire

  4. Wow, those flowers look stunning and it's because you really know how to bring them out with the colours you use. I so admire your crochet skills and just love reading your blog. Thanks.


  5. I love it, the colours are so beautiful. I believe your bag were wonderful and so cute. Can´t wait to see it, when it´s ready. ;o)

    Many smiles and lovely greets from Germany sends
    Annika, she´s love reading your blog since 2 or 3 days.

  6. Beautiful!!!Such pretty colours!!LOVVVEE them..

  7. Prachtig!!!! Echt waar heel erg gaaf.
    Groetjes Michaja

  8. It's becoming sooo lovely, you are very talented!
    Greetings from Germany

  9. Hello,
    The flowers are beautiful. You are great with colors. Looking forward to the pattern. Thanks for your wonderful inspiration.

  10. What a lovely bag you are doing. It has so nice colours.

  11. Hi saskia :o)
    Your bag is absolutely stunning, I love it!
    I'm curious about the yarn you're using, a 50/50 cotton/acrylic?? Is it a dutch yarn? the colours are beautiful and it looks lovely and soft.
    If you could let me have more details (ie is it available online) I'd really appreciate it. I'm desperately searching for this sort of yarn in good colours, and this seems the bext I've come across so far.
    Thanks ♥

  12. Hi Lucy!

    Thank you! I must admit, I love this yarn and the colours. Your right, it is very soft and it feels so nice.
    It is a Dutch yarn called Balans, they sell it at my local craft-shop. I have not been able to find a webshop that sells this yarn. But I do know who the manufacturer is and I was already going to phone them for more info. When it is not an option to order it online I am willing to buy it for you and send it to you.

    Thanks for your support and lovely comments!

  13. Hoi! Wat een eer dat ik met mijn button op je blog mag staan! Dankjewel!
    Groetjes, Annemarie

  14. Complimenten, hoor! Echt mooie tassen maak je en nog wel zulke resultaten terwijl je pas sinds korte tijd bent begonnen te haken!