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The English Fantasy Flower bag Pattern

The English Fantasy Flower bag Pattern

Hier de link naar het Nederlandse patroon:

Hi everyone,

Now I can finally show you all my pattern and my finished bag! I'm so happy! Making the pattern is quite a lot of work because I'm really writing it twice, in Dutch and English, but I am so happy to be able to do this so I won't complain!
The bag is so lovely! I think that is because I am so addicted to the African Flower hexagon and you can make it quite fast!
But this message will be long enough so I'll begin with the finished bag pics!
Believe me, this bag wil get noticed, I recieved such lovely comments from complete strangers because of the bags! Are you ready because here are the pictures:



And then my Little Girl wanted to fit the bag, she is holding the handle because it is too big for her.

Then she wanted to make a picture of me so I could show how it looks on me.
It looks good on me, doesn’t it?!                 
I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy with this cute bag! I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I have and will have!   


Are you ready?? Are you sure? Here it goes;

I am using the lovely soft Balans yarn. It is made of 50%cotton and 50% acrylic, this makes the bag a lot lighter than when you would make it with cotton, but it feels just as nice!
I used a 3mm hook but the label says 3.5 to 4 MM.
I used the following colours:

Balans yarn/garen:
Fuchsia 047
Yellow/Geel 173
Lime/Limoen 152
Lilac/lila 075
Natural/naturel 001
Green/groen 062
Green-silver/Groen-zilver 122
Turquois 049
Turquois light/licht 086
Pink/ roze 068
Purple/paars 074
Bodeaux 057
Navy blue/ Blauw Marine 134
purple-pink/ paars-rose (unknown)

You can order the yarn here. (It is in Dutch!)

Make sure you buy 3 skeins of the same color, this will become the handle and the last two rows. The handle eats yarn! So make sure you have enough!

We will start with the African Flower hexagons.

Row 1
-Chain 5 and join with a slip stitch. Then chain 3.

This counts as one double crochet. Then you make another double crochet. Chain 1 and then two double crochet. Repeat this 5 more times and join. 


-On this row you will work around the chain-stitches of the previous row (same as with granny squares).
Change colour.  Slip stitch around a chain of the previous row. Chain 3 (this counts as your first double crochet) and make a double crochet(around the same chain as the chain3), one chain and again two double crochet(around the same chain). Make another double crochet but then into the next chainstitch of the previous row. Mind that you don’t make a chain between the double crochet stitches while changing from one previous row chain to the next chain. The pictures can explain this even better.

Work around into all six chainstitches on the previous row.
You should have, two double crochet-one chain-two double crochet-(next stitch) two double crochet-one chain-two double crochet..repeat until you can join with a slip stitch.


Change colour.
-You’ll work in the stitches of the previous row again.
Chain 3 into the chainstitch of the next row. This counts as one double crochet. Make 6 more double crochets stitches into this chain. So it’s 7 in total. Then make 7 double crochets in chain stitch of the previous row. Work around the flower until you have 6 petals. Then join.


Change colour
Now you’ll make single crochet stitches in the stitches of the previous row. Don’t start at an opening but begin with the first stitch on a petal. Make single crochet stitches until you reach the opening between two petals.
Make a single crochet stitch around the stitch on row 3 and 2! The picture shows this much better than I can explain. Work all the way around this row.
When you finish the row put another single crochet into the first stitch you made and make a slip stitch to join.

This stitch really brings out the petals, make sure you make this with a contrasting (or darker or lighter) colour.


Change colour
-Chain three, make double crochet stitches all around the petal. On every top stitch of every petal you make two double crochet stitches with one chain in between, this makes the hexagon shape. Work around the row and join with a slip stitch.


Make 7 african flower hexagons. Now you will sew them together. I can tell you about this for an hour but I hope the pictures will help you. Hold two flowers with the left side against each other in your hand. Now you will make single crochet stitches into the stitches of the flowers, but mind, you won’t pull through both stitches entirely but just the two loops on the outside of the hexagons.
Sew all 7 flowers together like the ones you can see on the pictures below.

 This is what it looks like while sewing the flowers together.

Use the same colors as the outlines of your hexagons.
After sewing the flowers together you will fill the gaps. You will do this using double crochet. Slip stitch, make one double crochets and then as much as needed to fill the gaps. But mind, don’t make to much double crochet stitches because the bag will wobble if you make too much stitches here.

Make another row of double crochet, You’ll need three rows of double crochet to finish the gaps.


Then it should look like
this. You will fill all the gaps between the hexagons in this manner.


Use a different color. Make two entire rows of half double crochet and start with 2 chain stitches. This will make the bag nice an tight. Use a different color for every row.


Now you will make shells. Use a different color. First make single crochet stitches and when are three stitches before you reach the middle of a flower or the middle of a gap. Then make a double-double crochet stitch. So don’t make one loop around your hook but two, the pictures shows you how to do this. 
So make one double-double crochet stitch and skip three stitches, make the stitch and make 8 more double-double crochet stitches.
Then start making single crochet stitches again. Until you reach the next middle of a flower or gap. You will make 12 shells in total.


-Use a different color. Chain three and double crochet all around the bag. Work around the single crochet stitches so you cannot see them anymore.
It should look like this.

You’ll make two more rows of double crochets in different colors just like the rows before.


The last two rows are in the same color, this color will be the same color you will use for the handle. Make sure you have enough yarn! It took me 2 or 3 skeins depending on how long and wide you make the handle.
To make the bag nice and tight, make the very last row in half double crochet.

It should look like this:

Doesn’t it look great? Now you will make the back of the bag, exactly the same as the front. So then you will have two sides like this one.

After finishing both sides you will make the handle.
Chain 14. Then make 3 more chain stitches (counting as the first double crochet stitch) and then make 13 double crochet stitches.
Join and* chain 3, make 13 double crochet stitches.* repeat between * until you made the handle long enough .
I can advise you to begin sewing the handle to the bag when you are almost halfway. That way you can fit the bag and make sure it is not too long because it does stretch out! You can see it halfway done in the picture below.

This is how you begin.

Mind you, it does take quite some time to finish.

Then you will sew this onto the bag just like you did with the flowers. But please take notice that it is very important not to make the opening too bag, I gave it a small opening, just enough for me to fit my wallet and make a notepad. As you can see on the picture at the top of this blogpost, There are three shells in between the opening. To make the opening a bit firmer you could make an edge or just a single stitch in the previous row around the edge of the opening.

It should look like this when finished!

Your very own Fantasy Flower bag is finished!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and everything makes sense, if you have any questions, please email me!

I did not line the bag because I haven't got the time now.
Maybe I’ll make a tutorial for the lining too!

But now I am going to pack the bags and suitcases, enjoy the World Cup on Sunday (HUP HOLLAND!) and go to Sweden on Tuesday! You can email me though, I might be able to use the internet there. I really hope so! I’ll be back in Holland on July 31.
I have enough lovely projects to finish/make, what are you guys working on?
Hhappy crocheting!

The Crafty Witch

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  1. Many many thanks for sharing this beautiful pattern. I love the colours and the bag. It´s really, really beautiful. I hope i have sometimes enough beautiful yarn and can make this very beautiful bag.

    Have a wonderful time in sweden, relaxing time and came good back.

    Lovely greets from Germany,

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern!!Its beautiful!!Absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Yes!!!
    The English version of the pattern is here!
    Thank you so much Saskia! I know that was a lot of work to take all those photographs and explain each step - you did a great job!!
    I am going to buy yarn on Sunday (here in Israel weekend is Friday and Saturday, first day of the week is Sunday), and I am looking forward to crochet that lovely bag!
    You are so generous to share this!! Thank you again!
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thank you ladies!

    Yael, I would love to see how you make your bag, will you post it on your blog when your finished?

    What kind of yarn will you buy?

  5. That is such a cute bag!!! I have to try and make one,too since I have some African Flower squares that I've done but don't know what to do with them. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern! Will let you know the outcome soon :D

  6. Hello. I found your blog just now, like it a lot! Very nice. I will follow it from now on. By the way, are you dutch..? Maybe I will not understand so much, but the pictures gives me a lot of inspiration!

  7. Hi Fiff,

    Yes, I am Dutch but I blog in Dutch and English :o) Hope you can understand some of it! :)

    Aisyah, I can't wait to see your bag!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial, can't wait to start my bag! Have a nice time in Sweden, we are going to visit Holland this year;0) And I'll keep my fingers crossed for the dutch team on sunday!
    Best wishes from Germany

  9. The bag is lovely and thanks for the pattern, very generous of you. Fru Inez from Sweden

  10. Hello!!!

    I love your work, amazing and so colorful!!!!

    Congratulations, "for the Orange too (kkkk)"

    All the Best,

    Carine Calé

  11. This is amazing!!! I would love to be abloe to do one but I fear it would tak eme forever. I have added it to my favourites though as I love it so much. Thanks for a brilliant tutorial. x

  12. All I can say is WOW! Your pattern is awesome and soooo pretty. Thank you for taking the time to write a tutorial. I am going to give it a go.

    Best regards from the UK

  13. that is cute. I've never heard of balans ardn but I am going to put this pattern in my queue.

  14. Oh wow!!! Such lovely colours and pattern. Fantastic for the summer or better still all year round. Nothing like something bright for those cold winter days.

    Yet another project for me to add to my queue. Thank you for the English version, I thought I was going to have to learn Dutch :)

    Bright Blessings from the UK


  15. Mooi! Ga ik zeker eens proberen, nu eerst verder zoeken naar hoe ik een granny square kussen met stoffen achterkant in elkaar kan steken, maar blij dat ik daarnaar zoekende hier terecht kwam!

  16. i think lovely is underestimating your work...its amazing. beautiful!!!!! i cant even think of more words...i LOVE IT. its amazing!!!!!

  17. Hai wat een leuk patroon...alleen ik zie dat je sommige patronen ook in het nederlands heb behalve deze :-(....Ik ben niet goed in engels helaas...zou ik m ook in het Nederlands kunnen krijgen?
    Groetjes Petra....

  18. Hello, Just signed into your blog and I LOVE IT!!! I will be following for now on. I love this bag thanks so much for the pattern, I am going to start on it right away!! Thanks again< Keep up the great work!! Have a wonderful day!! Hugs

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  20. Just found this pattern and I absolutely cannot WAIT to start making it. Im going to be making it in dark linens, to make it a bit more goth :)

  21. :) That sounds really cool! Please show me after you finish!

  22. I will be adding this to my list of projects I wish to do! Thanks

  23. Any chance you can share the yarn info like the gauge? I can seem to find Balans anywhere so I am going to have to find an alternative. Thanks so much! It is beautiful!

  24. I loved this pattern thank you for sharing!!! I live in South Florida and I can't find this Balans yarn anywhere, so I will substitute it for Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. I just want to know how many yards/m is in a ball of Balans so I can calculate how much to buy of the substitute yarn here. thank you in advance!!!

  25. Like Michela and Luciana, I can't find Balans yarn - could you let us know whether it's DK or Aran, or how many stitches to the inch/cm - I've no idea what the weight is and what to substitute! Thank you so much!

  26. Another question: in the photograph of the circle on the grass showing the pink shells, it looks as though you chained about 8 stitches instead of making a triple crochet (what you call a 'double double crochet'). Is that a better way of doing it? I'm confused!